No Moon is a remote game studio dedicated to creating the next-gen immortal interactive experiences


Founded in 2016, we are committed to developing the next generation of emotional and fulfilling experiences.

For more than 15 years, the people that are now in No Moon changed the way people play.  In the process, we have learned to built experiences of recognized brands and today, by creating No Moon, we are trying to become one of the most valuable interactive entertainment companies in the world.


We value innovation over iteration. We know it's not an easy way, but we hope our games bring fun, sensation and happiness to everyone.


Ex-AAA employees that wanted to go away from the classical corporate environment, teamed with other industry professionals and talent from the game industry to work together in a new type of company that promotes quality and creative-risks.


No Moon is a cross-continent operation. Working across time zones is not something we do occasionally, it is how we operate. To us, it doesn’t matter where, how, or when we work.  We care about what we can create.


We believe that good design and good business are not mutually exclusive ideas.  We design for both.


At No Moon, we believe in pursuing sustainable game development, where members can balance work and home happiness. Our team is made up of a mix of diverse talent, cultures and experience.

Francisc Traian

CEO & Creative Director

Radu Nastase

Art Director

Marcel Vogel

Lead Backend Engineer

Evan Newton

Business Developer

Hannes Klose

Lead Backend Engineer

Edwin Seigneur

Cinematic & Video Editor

Alexandru Sirbu

Sound/Music Composer

Tudor Ciomartan

Gameplay Engineer

Oliver Bogdan Iancu

Gameplay Engineer

Enrique Hernandez

Gameplay Engineer

Bogdan Mihai Dinca

Game & Level Designer

Joseph Hartman

Narrative Designer

Diana Marin

Gameplay Engineer

Mugurel-Adrian Enache

Gameplay Engineer

Ilya Ostashko

Game Director

Eric Armstrong

Gameplay Engineer

Chris Rares Chirita

Business Developer

Dalton Kirk

Gameplay Engineer

Robert Niculescu

3D Artist

Alexandru Tiper

3D Artist

Ibrahim El Chami

UX Designer

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